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Special requirements

  • Locking 、Sealing、Masking-Solution applied to prevent loosening and falling off

  • Lubrication、Anti-Seize、Assembly retention-Improve the efficiency of product assembly

  • Special anti-corrosion coating-Special coatings can provide more suitable antirust protection

  • Thread Protection-Improve thread fastening performance

  • Anodizing-Improve the protection, decoration and insulation of products

  • Lightweight Solution-Reduce the weight of the product while ensuring the same performance

  • Stable friction Co-efficiency and Clamp Load -Improve more stable assembly performance

  • Application of high corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance materials- Used in special high temperature and corrosive environment

  • Class 14.9/14.9 level of product requirements-Apply to higher demanding environments with mechanical properties

  • Ultra Precision & Microfabrication -Every minor tolerance determines the perfection and completeness of the assembly and ensures the functionality.

  • Optical Sorting-PPM -The selection of product appearance, size, thread and so on can further ensure 100% quality level